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Best Electrician In Santa Barbara You Can Trust

Finding somebody you can “trust” might be complex for a homeowner when it comes to your home’s electrical system. Electrical work is some of the most challenging, high-stakes maintenance or repairs you’ll ever encounter. Poor electrical work puts your house at risk, but competent electrical work maintains your home safe for years.

Here at Steven Gratigny Electric, we don’t charge extra for call-outs, and you can always expect a same-day response to your electrician request in Santa Barbara. Our electricians will quickly and efficiently carry out the work so you can get back to your normal routine.

Qualified & Experienced Electrician Contractor

All our electricians are fully qualified and experienced in all aspects of electrical work. We regularly conduct electrical inspections and testing to ensure that your electrical installation is up to date and meets the latest safety standards.

We are the best Electricians in Santa Barbara, Ca, and if you have an electrical emergency, don’t hesitate to call us. We’re here to help.

What Makes Us the Best Santa Barbara Electrical Contractors?

Our clients come to Steven Gratigny Electric for the one thing they genuinely want: peace of mind that comes from genuine trust and confidence. Our professional electrician have had extensive training, are highly competent, and are licensed and insured. Plus we are reasonably priced.

In addition, we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee on all of our electrical service. When our clients want electrical repairs, installation, or maintenance, they know they only need to pick up the cell phone and leave the rest to us. So, we take pride in our work and always aim to provide high-quality, efficient service. 

Plus, below point makes us top-notch  Santa Barbara electrical contractors:

  • We guarantee our work for 12 months after completion, including both person-hours and fitted parts.
  • If any issues arise, we will come and fix the situation.
  • Promptly, another engineer will be sourced to do electric project for you if we are unable to complete the task ourselves.
  • Experienced & licensed santa barbara electricians

We are Licensed Electricians Serving Santa Barbara People

Steven Gratigny Electric is a fully licensed and insured electrical contractor serving Santa Barbara and the surrounding areas. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality electrical work and customer service.

We are your local electrician in Santa Barbara, CA, and we’re here to help with all your electrical needs. 

Contact us today to sort out your electrical problem. We’re always happy to help!

Emergency Electrician Santa Barbara - On Call 24 hrs - 5* Rated
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At Steven Gratigny Electric we understand how challenging and risky it is to identify and solve even the simplest of electrical problems. With more and more electrical devices and systems being integrated into our homes , we will go above and beyond to inform and educate you about products and resources, to give you the opportunity to make the best decision for you and your project. 

When you put your trust in SGE, you are getting 10+ personal knowledge of understanding electrical systems. Licensed, bonded, and insured, we are your top electrician for a friendly local electrical contractor.

We do everything from changing lightbulbs, troubleshooting advanced systems, to upgrading main service panels. Give Steven Gratigny Electric the chance to solve your issues. We have many happy customers and would love to have you too. Call us today to set up an appointment!  

Some of the Services We Offer

At Steven Gratigny Electric, not only do we have teams of seasoned professionals, but our warranty program is unrivaled. We guarantee that we will show up on time because nothing is more frustrating than waiting around for someone who’s running late. In fact, being punctual is so important to us that it’s even in our company tagline: TM (for Timely Man). Plus, your satisfaction is always guaranteed; if you’re ever unhappy with any part of our service, just let us know and we’ll make it right!

Call (805) 259-8871 to speak with one of our skilled Santa Barbara electricians about the Steven Gratigny Electric difference. Our company like what we do in our electrical project, and we are confident that you will like as well! 

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Our Customers Feedback

Erin S.
Erin S.
Steven was responsive and on-time.  He adapted to some unexpected circumstances and did a clean and fantastic job.  The job was to relocate a power outlet as well as a TV Cable outlet to hide cords behind my office TV.  Definitely recommend him and would use his services again.
Jeffrey O.
Jeffrey O.
Steve installed my car electric charger. He did a great job. Showed up on  time and communicated effectively. Highly recommended
Jim F.
Jim F.
I had a small job, and it went very well, and the price was fair.

Both when we first met to discuss the job, and when he returned to do the job, he was right on time.

Coordinating those two visits, via text was convenient.

The work was quick, clean, and well done. I'm a DIY guy, so I have a circuit tester, and it was all green when I tested the completed work.

Being able to pay the invoice via ApplePay made settling up the bill super fast and secure.
Debbie S.
Debbie S.
Quick response and able to get to work right away.  He is a fast wofker and nice guy.
Laurie P.
Laurie P.
Around 4:30pm I realized there was no power to my tankless water heater. Steven responded at the end of his work day, driving a half hour out here, and immediately diagnosed/fixed the problem. Then he showed me what to do if it happens again!  Friendly and very professional - I highly recommend!
Marji J.
Marji J.
Steven was amazing. Very professional and finished up multiple tasks in record time. I would recommend him for any electrical job needing done.
Manoah P.
Manoah P.
An outlet that had been covered up in a remodel previous to me owning my house was shorting out. Steven quickly identified the issue and got it fixed. I've already recommended him to a close friend and they also said he was great!
Leah F.
Leah F.
Stephen worked on my residence to ground outlets, move several outlets and switches,  and asses our overall electrical. His response time was great and was able to schedule within the week. He was professional and prompt on the agreed upon start date. The price was fair and we got the quote the same day. We will defiantly contact Stephen for any future electrical needs
Nick C.
Nick C.
Steven was incredibly fast in his response for a quote, provided an accurate estimate and project timeline, and is very reasonably priced.  He was quick about his work and left ZERO mess behind. He had to cut drywall to move an outlet and was thoughtful about the cuts to reduce any drywall repair. Would highly recommend.

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Business Name: Steven Gratigny Electric
Business Address: 66 Ocean View Ave Apt 27, Santa Barbara, CABusiness Phone: (805) 259-8871Santa Barbara is a city located on the central coast of California, in the United States. It is known for its Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches, and Spanish colonial architecture. The city is home to the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) and is a popular tourist destination.If you’re in need of electrical services in Santa Barbara, you can count on our team of experienced electricians to provide reliable, professional service. From repairs and installations to upgrades and maintenance, we’re here to help with all your electrical needs. Contact us today and let us help you keep your home or business running smoothly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you call an electrician?

The three main situations where you should consider calling an electrician are as follows.

  • If you feel your safety is compromised: If you come across an electrical issue that feels dangerous, it is always best to call an emergency electrician immediately. A qualified electrician will be able to assess the situation and make sure that your home is secure.
  • Presence of smoke or if you smell burning near your electrical outlets: If you notice sparks, smoke, or burning near any of your home’s electrical outlets, it is best to shut off the power at the breaker and call an electrician.
  • Exposed Wires or sparkles: If you see any exposed wires or sparks, it is important to call the best electrician right away. This is a potentially risky situation and should be rectified as soon as possible, especially if you have young children or pets in the home.

Do electricians do free qoute?

Yes, we provide free quotes. Other electricians may charge for quotes however here at Steven Gratigny Electric, we have no hidden fees and provide free quotes. After you provide us with the details of your project, we can give you an accurate quote that is tailored to your needs.

Do I need an electrician to change a light fixture?

If you think you can replace a light fixture safely, then it is ok to do so. However, if the wiring needs to be changed or replaced in any way, then it is best to hire a professional electrician. Installing a light fixture incorrectly can be dangerous and result in a fire hazard, so it is always better to be safe than sorry.

How to find the best electrician near me?

When it comes to finding the best electrician near you, it is important to choose someone who is qualified, experienced, and licensed. Additionally, you will want to ensure that the electrician offers a satisfaction guarantee on their electrical services.

Steven Gratigny Electric is a fully licensed electrical contractor serving Santa Barbara and the surrounding areas. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality electrical work and customer service. Contact us today to sort out your electrical problem.

What other things we recommend if you still question how do i find a good local electrician?

To find a good local electrician, it is important to do your research. Look at reviews and customer testimonials on their website and check credentials with their licensing boards. It is also important to make sure the electrician is insured and has experience in the type of work that you need done. Make sure to ask the right questions to eliminate those who aren’t qualified. At Steven Gratigny Electric, we have decades of experience and use high-quality products to ensure your satisfaction. Question us today and experience the Steven Gratigny Electric difference.

Will an electrician install ceiling lights?

Yes, electricians will install ceiling lights. Depending on the type of light, it may involve more complex wiring as well as making sure that the fixture is securely attached to the ceiling. Our top electricians at Steven Gratigny Electric have experience in installing all sorts of ceiling lights and can do the job quickly and effectively. We are confident that you will be pleased with the results. Contact us today to get started!

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