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Online booking and contact services. Our friendly Santa Barbara based electrician is available 8 AM – 5 PM Monday – Saturday and Sunday by appointment only. Call, email, text, and get an appointment today!

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Steven Gratigny Electric has the skills and background to handle any work, whether installing a ceiling fan or wiring a new home. Steven Gratigny Electric is ready to assist with any job quickly, thanks to our extensive group of electricians serving the Baltimore region. We work with general contractors and consumers to provide hassle-free electrical services.

Professional and reliable Electricians You Can Trust

Finding somebody, you can trust to work on your home’s electrical system might be complex for a homeowner. Electrical work is some of the most challenging, high-stakes maintenance or repairs you’ll ever encounter. Poor electrical work puts your house at risk, but competent electrical work maintains your home safe for years. 

Why trust somebody whose identity you don’t know?

Our clients come to Steven Gratigny Electric for the one thing they genuinely want: peace of mind that comes from genuine trust and confidence. Our experts have had extensive training, are highly competent, and are licensed and insured. In addition, we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee on all of our labor. When our clients want electrical repairs, installation, or maintenance, they know they only need to pick up the cellphone and leave the rest to us.

Why should you go with Steven Gratigny Electric?

The Steven Gratigny Electric distinction is what keeps you, our client, content and happy. We take pleasure in our on-time promise, highly qualified specialists, clean and pleasant electricians, and our StraightForward Pricing® guide.

The following are some of the things that set Steven Gratigny apart:
• Our sites are owned and operated by local people.
• On-time delivery is guaranteed.
• 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
• Follow an astringent code of ethics.
• Electricians who are well-trained, competent, and pleasant
There is nothing like a little or large job. We can assist you with your house’s wide range of electrical services. Also, we complete all work by our friendly, committed group of qualified and insured electricians, who utilize only high-quality materials.

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Many home chores may be done over the weekend as a do-it-yourself activity. Having anybody other than a professional operate on your home’s electrical systems, on the other hand, may be devastating—those who try electrical work without proper training risk being shocked and putting their property at fire risk. Please don’t do it alone when it comes to electrical work; turn to the experts at Steven Gratigny Electric for assistance.

Quality Guaranteed

At Steven Gratigny Electric (SGE) our electrical contractor will always explain the different options you have and help you choose which is best for you before work begins.


7 Year Warranty

Steven Gratigny Electric will back all work completed and materials for 7 years from date of completion**


At Steven Gratigny Electric we understand how challenging and risky it is to identify and solve even the simplest of electrical problems. With more and more electrical devices and systems being integrated into our homes , we will go above and beyond to inform and educate you about products and resources, to give you the opportunity to make the best decision for you and your project. When you put your trust in SGE, you are getting 10+ personal knowledge of understanding electrical systems. Licensed, bonded, and insured, we are your best option for a friendly local electrical contractor. We do everything from changing lightbulbs, troubleshooting advanced systems, to upgrading main service panels. Give Steven Gratigny Electric the chance to solve your issues. We have many happy customers and would love to have you too. Call us today to set up an appointment!  

Some of the Services We Offer

In addition to our all-star teams of electricians, our warranties are what set us apart from other electrical firms. First and foremost, we guarantee that we will arrive on time since we despise keeping people waiting. “We’re On Time, You’ll See, Or The Repair Is Free!” TM is our tagline since we value timeliness so greatly. Then, by ensuring that every customer is delighted with our job, we provide them peace of mind. If you are dissatisfied with anything in our service, we will make it right at no charge to you!

Call +805-259-8871 to speak with one of our skilled electricians about the Steven Gratigny Electric difference. Our company like what we do, and we are confident that you will as well! A member of our staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide emergency service or set up an appointment.




Because they comprehend intricate electrical principles and formulae, licensed electricians charge and earn more than handypersons. We’ve fixed innumerable electrical mishaps caused by handypersons, so we won’t complain if you utilize them. Keep in mind that you can spend about the same for a do-it-yourselfer who believes he knows what he’s doing but takes twice as long as a certified electrician. Our licensed electrician’s work is guaranteed to fulfill code standards. However, the handyman’s and unlicensed electrician’s work is not.

Yes. We’ll adjust the dimmer to your home’s lighting. It’s crucial to understand that various dimmers require different bulbs, and incandescent, CFL, and LED bulbs are examples of such bulbs.

Steven Gratigny Electric can discover effective methods and techniques to accomplish a job safely and cleanly, having worked on over 100 years old properties. Our business will protect your home’s magnificent characteristics and structure, lowering expenditures and reducing the need for extensive repairs.

If the plug slides out of the outlet prompting it, or if the outlet is not secure and moves readily while no one is near it. If the outlet feels warm or hot to the touch, you should unplug the gadget and contact Steven Gratigny Electric right once since this might create a fire.