Electrical Sub Panel Installation Santa Barbara

Electric Sub Panel Installation Service In Santa Barbara

Suppose a business or homeowner requires to add more capacity to the circuit of an electrical panel that is already in place. In that case, the most effective option is to contact a professional electrician. The electric sub-panel connects to the primary panel if the main panel doesn’t need to be replaced and allows powering the new panel easier. The task is a difficult procedure, and several variables need to be considered to ensure that the task is done safely and correctly. The Steven Gratigny Electric electricians have many years of experience in the electrical sub panel installation Santa Barbra and always place our client’s safety and satisfaction at the top of our list.

Professional Electrical Sub Panel Installation

Are you thinking of installing a new electrical sub panel since your mainboard is running out of breaker slots? You might not need a new subpanel after all. You can expand the capacity of your home panels by replacing the present 1-pole breakers with tandem breakers if your main breaker box permits it. Tandem breakers combine two branch circuits into a single breaker. Without the requirement for an electrical panel update or a new subpanel, the new circuit breakers can manage the additional branch circuits.

What Are Sub-Panels?

A sub-panel is the ideal answer when your house or company needs a central panel. Sub-panels are great for remote electrical systems from the mainboard, like a workshop or a shed, or procedures that demand a lot of power, like a pool or massive commercial equipment. An electrical wiring sub panel installation effectively sends the necessary amount of electricity to the designated electrical system, preventing circuits from being overloaded rather than increasing the amount of power flowing into your house or company. Also, sub-panels are available in various sizes, ranging from 30 to 100 amps, depending on the system’s requirements. Our skilled technicians can install the proper sub-panel to give the necessary power.
Electric Sub Panel Installation Service In Santa Barbara

What Is The Reason I Require An Electrical Sub Panel Installation?

An electric sub-panel extends electrical power from the main electrical panel within the office or at home. These are especially beneficial when most energy is required away from the building’s main structure: in basements that have been finished and equipped with entertainment systems, wet bars, detached garages, and workshops, or as new constructions for an office or home. It can also require A subpanel with an electric power source outside to accommodate hot tubs, outdoor equipment like spas, lawn equipment, or other high-powered commercial or industrial equipment. Naturally, an electrical sub panel replacement may be possible when the existing one is but it’s not functioning correctly.

Affordable Sub Panel Installation

We provide electrical sub panel installation that provides convenience and efficiency for our clients at Steven Gratigny Electric. We choose sub-panel options to fit your needs if you need an outdoor sub-panel to avoid walking across your property to set the breaker at the panelboard or want more power in a specific part of your home.
Steven Gratigny Electric is the company to call when you need a new electrical panel in San Antonio for your house or business. You can rely on us because we have decades of expertise in the industry:

• Electrical goods of excellent quality.
• Electricians who are licensed and certified.
• Excellent craftsmanship.
• A two-year parts and labor warranty.

Electric Sub Panel Installation
Areas Where a Sub-Panel May Be Needed

If you have an outbuilding, garage, or room extension that doesn’t have electricity, the experts at Steven Gratigny Electric can install an electrical sub panel quickly and affordably. Residential electrical sub panel installation is also an excellent method to expand the capacity of your house or workplace by adding extra circuits.
• Pools
• Finished Basements
• Hot Tubs
• Garages
• Workshops
• Industrial Equipment Areas
• Kitchens
• Home or Commercial Building Additions
• Home Offices

The Installation And Repair Process

An experienced team of licensed professionals must always manage Sub-panel installation. The installation process starts with a complimentary consultation to learn about your business or home location and the project’s requirements. We’ll inspect your existing circuit breaker and determine whether there is more space to be found, and also if it is possible to add on to your current panel is the right choice. If there is no sub-panel, it could be the best choice. When installing your sub-panel, you must keep the panel within a couple of feet away from the primary panel to efficiently connect the hot wires and the ground wires to the panel. If the wires are not properly routed, power might not be flowing through the sub-panel, or more importantly, there may be safety issues. The sub-panel has four wires that connect between the sub-panel and the main panel: 2 hot wires, one ground, and a neutral wire. The neutral and ground wires are attached to their bus bars within the main panel, while those hot wires are coupled to their terminals. These four wires are connected to their respective bus bars in the sub-panel, with the neutral wire attached to the principal terminal. If you’re having issues with your main panel, such as continual tripping, it may be consuming too much power panel you’ve installed to manage. Overloading a panel may be dangerous. Therefore routing electricity through a sub-panel can lessen dangers and make controlling your home’s or business’s electrical power easier. If you already have a sub-panel that has to be repaired, contact Steven Gratigny Electric.
Selecting The Right Electrician To Install A Sub-Panel Installation in Santa Barbra
Steven Gratigny Electric is a licensed and insured business with several years of experience in Santa Barbra. We know what is required to repair, install or upgrade your sup-panel, and your satisfaction is our top priority. If you require a new sub-panel to add to your business or home, or you need an upgrade or repair, call Steven Gratigny Electric today.
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