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If you own an electric car, having an EV charger is key. And if you’re in the Santa Barbara area, Sgelectricsb can help. Our team of certified electricians have been assisting customers with their EV charger installations in Santa Barbara for years. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know before we get started on your installation.

Why Install Ev Charger?

Electric cars are gaining high popularity due to their low cost of ownership and substantial environmental advantages. Charging them at home, on the other hand, may cause significant pain.

Many electric cars will not be set using an extension cable hooked into a 110-volt outlet in your garage, and those will take anywhere from 12 to 20 hours or more to completely charge from empty. It is a challenging hurdle, mainly if you rely on a fully charged and ready-to-go vehicle for your daily commute. So, therefore we are here with a complete solution for your EV charging point installation!

EV Home Charger

All-in-one EV charging solutions

We are the premier EV charger installer in Santa Barbara, and we specialize in installing chargers for both residential and commercial clients. We have experience working with a variety of buildings, including single-family homes, multifamily dwellings, and commercial buildings. We will work with you to find the best location for your charger and install it according to the highest industry standards.

Design and installation from start to finish:

We will manage your entire EV charger installation project, from start to finish. This includes designing the best system for your needs, installing the chargers, dealing with any electrical work, minor earthworks and testing the installation. Our electricians ensure your EV charger installation is safe and up to code.

Electric Vehicle Charger
ev charger installation

Convenient and Reliable:

Once we finish installing your EV charger, you’ll be able to charge your car quickly and easily, without having to worry about running out of power. We offer a variety of charging options, including Level 1 (110v), Level 2 (220v), and Level 3 (480v) chargers. We can also install multiple chargers, so you can charge more than one car at a time.
ev charger installation

Our Process

Confused about the installation process? Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect when you work with us:

Step 1: Site Assessment

The first step is to assess the site where the charger will be installed. This includes looking at the electrical system and determining the best location for the charger. If you are unsure about where to install the charger, we can help you find the perfect spot.

Step 2: Design and Quote

Once we have assessed the site, we will design a custom EV charger installation plan that meets your needs. We will then provide you with a quote for the project.

Step 3: Installation

Once you have accepted our quote, we will begin the installation process. This includes running electrical lines to the charger location, installing the charger, and testing the system. Every installation is different, so the length of time it takes will vary.

Step 4: Training

Once the installation is complete, we will provide you with training on how to use the charger. We will also be available to answer any questions you have about the charger or the installation process.

Benefits of Installing an EV Charger

There are many benefits to installing an EV charger, including:

FAQs - Electrician Santa Barbara

An EV charger is a device that charges an electric car battery. It pulls electricity from the grid and converts it into the proper voltage for charging an electric car. Most EV chargers are Level 2 chargers, which means they charge at 220 volts. Level 3 chargers are also available, but they are less common.

The cost of installing an EV charger varies depending on the type of charger, the location, the electrical system, and other factors. We recommend you get a free quote or call us on +805-259-8871 to discuss your specific needs.


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