Month: December 2022

Why Neutrals And Grounds Are Separated In A Subpanel?

When wiring a subpanel, it is important to understand why the grounds and neutrals must be separated. The National Electric Code (NEC) set forth in 2008 mandates that the grounds and neutrals must be isolated for safety reasons. This article will examine why separation is necessary, when it is necessary, and what other considerations must […]
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How To Wire A 100 AMP Subpanel From A 200 AMP Main Panel?

Are you wanting to expand your home’s electrical capacity by adding a 100 amp sub panel to an existing 200 amp main panel? **Important Note**: As an experienced electrician at Steven Gratingy Electric serving Santa Barbara, Ca who knows the hazards of working with electricity, I would like to warn you against doing this yourself. […]
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Can Any Electrician Install An EV Charger?

A charger at home is essential for those who own electric vehicles (EVs). And although EV technology has become increasingly common, the installation process of a home charger still requires specialized knowledge and equipment. But if it’s your first time considering a charger installation, you might be wondering: can any electrician install an EV Charger? […]
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